Tuesday, 23 February 2016

What a Day

        Took a walk to Ogden today and bumped in to Dave S just
        as a Curlew flew over singing a first for me this year, we had
        scout around on the tops but just Crows, Maggies and Gulls,
        lots of Wood Pigeons a couple of Mistle Thrush and Green
        Woodpecker heard but not seen, Dave then set off on a hike
        over the moors he's a fit old bird. 2 minutes after he set off
        a Little Owl showed and 3 Fieldfare flew over and a couple
        Robin and Blackbirds were in the car park.
        I then  had a crazy idea to go to Walshaw Moor as I've never
        been before, don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't
        I thought, the place is unbelievably massive I didn't know which way
        to turn I felt like I was in the film American Werewolf in London
        when he's out on the moors and not a lot going on really just 5
        Lapwing, Starlings riding on sheeps backs, and a unidentified bird
        but it flew off before I got my camera ready, built like a thrush but
        it was a lot bigger, and then on my travels looking out of the car
        window I saw a lifer for me a Short Eared Owl which I was well
        chuffed about but my joy didn't last very long as I was photographing
        the Owl my camera went on the blink and just gave black images.
        oh well my birthday tomorrow so will hope for a better day.

                    3 Fieldfare
                    2 Mistle Thrush
                    1 Little Owl
                    1 Green Woodpecker ( heard )
                    1 Curlew, 2 Robin, 2 Blackbird
                    1 male Pheasant.
                    5 Skylark
        Fly Flatts-:
                    2 Curlew
                    8 Canada,s
                    lots of Lapwings at the waters edge
                     5 Lapwing
                     1 un-ID'd
                     lots of Starlings on wires.
                    Short Eared Owl
                    3 Roe Deer


  1. Cracking photos Dave and Happy Birthday hope you get to enjoy the day.

  2. Glad you got your Shortie. May be a new camera for birthday boy tomorrow.

  3. Haha I doubt it Brian, just socks more like, yeah well chuffed with the Shortie, What a Bird