Sunday, 14 February 2016

Staveley Nature Reserve

      Decided to take a trip to Staveley Nature Reserve in
      North Yorkshire in hope of seeing the Otters or Barn Owl.
      As I arrived the clouds came over so the lighting was really
      poor for photography and then it started to snow and the paths
      and some of the lakes were full of ice but gave it an hour and
      with no joy at seeing anything decided to go back to the car and
      set off home but as i poured a coffee at the car the sun decided to
      show itself so thought I'd give it another go and I'm so glad I did
      as the bird life started to wake up to show itself, the Barn Owl
      decided to show itself while I was having a sarnie so only got a
      quick glimpse but at least I got to see it and then the Water Rail
      put on a good show darting in and out of the reeds and a Bittern
      was booming away but didn't show itself and neither did the Otters
      but a couple of Roe Deer were walking about at a distance and I also
      seen a Marsh Tit for the 1st time and 5 Buzzards were soaring above
      the reserve so overall it ended up being a cracking day out.

            Sorry there's so many pic's I went a bit crazy


  1. Some great photies there Dave - don't apologise for the quantity!!

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