Friday, 5 February 2016

Soil Hell & Ogden

       Took a trip up to Soil Hill today in the wild winds and it felt
       like I was on Mt Everest, bumped into Dave S who was gutted
       that he deleted some cracking photos by mistake, we seen a couple
       of Skylarks, 2 unidentified ducks flew past, and 4 Fieldfare before
       John L turned waving a glove that he'd recovered after losing it the
       other day, we then seen 2 Meadow Pipits before the wind got even
       stronger so me & John decided to go down to Ogden Water and Dave
       went home for a cuppa which was the best move all day, Ogden was
       very quiet and no sign of Kingfisher,  7 Robins were seen by us and
       a blackbird then John spotted the best find of the day a Goldeneye that
       tried to avoid us at all cost, 2 Dunnock by the tea room, we then went
       up back lane but nothing but Magpies & Gulls & 5 Wood Pigeon, I then
       gave up and went home and John carried on over Ogden Golf Course,
       8 Goldfinch on feeders in garden and a report of a Water Rail down at
       Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve. Oh and a Kes at soil hill as well.

                                          John L looking happy


  1. Enjoyed the company & the lift today Dave.

  2. Me too John shame the birdlife and weather was poor

  3. Soil Hill is grim on days like this Dave but; he who dares !

  4. He who dares swears, it blew my wig off up there Bri