Thursday, 3 September 2015

Quiet Day

              First stop today was up to Old Guy Road looking for Whinchat & Wheatear
              but no joy and greenkeeper cutting cricket field didn't help, so up Roper Lane
              for a Redstart search and again no joy, next up to Taylor Lane to see the Cuckoo
              but as I got out of car I heard Crows carrying on in big tree and there on the end
              of a branch was a cracking Merlin but soon flew off toward Bradshaw.
              Another birder came down the road and stopped for a chat also called Dave P he
              was a lovely bloke and deffo knew his stuff, the Cuckoo then showed at a distance
              and the Weasel made a lightening visit again also seen flock of 30+ Goldfinch
              bobbing about, 2 Pied Wagtail on far wall and a Raptor flew into trees over main rd,
              another nice bloke turned up to see the Cuckoo named Pete from Brighouse but it
              had gone into hiding so I took him up to Soil Hill for a wasted trip, 2 Kestrel,
              1 Dunnock and 2 Meadow Pipit one of them that I first thought was a Twite as it
              looked smaller, my eyes deceiving me again, so then back to Taylor Lane and there
              was the Cuckoo to cheer Pete up, so I left Pete a happy man and went back to Roper
              Lane but still no Redstart but a Sparrowhawk flew past and seen 2 Kestrel and 20+
              Common Gull and regular corvids, but overall a very quiet day for sight & sound.

                               10+ Swallow and 6 Rabbits also seen.

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