Monday, 21 September 2015

Garden Watch 21/09/15

       Decided against going up Ringby Lane today and had a
       lazy day garden watch but was very quiet to what it usually
       is, its been the same all month. but was nice to see the regular visiting

       10 Goldfinch
       12 Starling
       2 Chaffinch
       3 Greenfinch
       1 Kestrel
       1 Sparrowhawk
        lots of corvids & Gulls
        2 Collared Dove
        2 Wood Pigeon.


  1. Pretty good garden birds there Dave.
    (Flipping freezing on Soil Hill this aft. or maybe I'm getting soft?)
    Have a good week.

  2. Two of em coming through regular Bri, think they've spotted the finches on the feeders all the time.

  3. Always freezing up there John even in middle of summer.