Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Claremount Hill Walk

        Had a 2 hour walk around Claremount Hill and up to the
        Ski Slopes and back over the fields but not a lot to write
        about as was very quiet, highlights were 2 Sparrowhawk
        one a juvenile that I spooked as I walked through the trees
        and one flyover later on, 2 Goldcrest seen in the farmhouse
        tree but too dense for a photo, farmer came out for a word
        and told me about the Tawny Owl that was there most late
        evenings, 1 Rook flyby, 4 Wood Pigeon, Crows, Magpies &
        Jackdaws, a couple of Robins and Blackbirds.
        Garden had 20+ Goldfinch, 10+ Starling, 6 Greenfinch, 4 Dove,
        4 Chaffinch.


  1. Good stuff Dave.You do well with Sparrowhawk.
    Love the lone tree shot.

  2. Yeah John one keeps hanging around for the finches, the juvenile was a surprise though and looked a beauty.