Monday, 31 August 2015

Yesterday & This Morning

             I was busy yesterday gardening and shopping duties' but had Gold &
             Greenfinch in the garden and 3 Siskin which I was chuffed with but
             couldn't get a shot as they'd gone by the time I rushed in house for camera,
             20+ Swallow in back field and a raptor flew over being pestered by crows
             but couldn't confirm what it was, late evening a Field mouse came out to
             play and at night a Tawny Owl was letting itself be known.

             This morning in the poor weather Greenfinch were on feeders, Collared Dove
             and Wood Pigeon popped in for a feed and a Wren was bobbing about in the
             hedges, then had a visit by 10+ Goldfinch and a flypast by 10+ Starling. 1 Robin

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