Sunday, 16 August 2015

Buzzards are back

         Two Buzzard soaring above Claremount moving towards
         Shibden, a large raptor flying from Halifax town centre towards
         Ogden but too far away to identify. 3 Swift and Swallows buzzing
         about in fields at Claremount. Lots of Goldfinch with young in the
         local gardens and 8 Linnet flying about but soon moved on. Gold,
         Green and Chaffinch in garden along with 4 House Sparrows, Jackdaws,
         Collared Dove, Magpies and Wood Pigeon.



  1. Now who,s lucky with the Buzzards, nice one.
    Was at Hunter Hill this morning when I got the call for your big raptor towards Ogden but nothing seen, it must have changed direction.

  2. It was going at some speed when I seen it Bri, it was a big un but not a clue what it was, it was a bit smaller than a buzzard but it was at a distance and seemed to be heading up Halifax rd way, i seen it at about 8.30- 9 o'clock so might have text a while after it'd been seen, wish you'd of seen it and confirmed what it was as didn't have the bins handy when seen, the Buzzards soared for around 10 mins before heading off over Shibden.