Sunday, 26 April 2015

Soil Hill Evening

          Got a text from BS that a pair of Ring Ouzel were still up at
          Soil Hill but were very elusive, so watched footie and then
          decided to have a look, well them elusive Ouzel were completely
          INVISIBLE for me and it was absolutly freezing only the 3 Deer
          saved the day and they appeared form nowhere and a long way off,
          I was surprised to see 2 Mallard on the path up from the entrance
          and they were still there on the way back nr a little scrape of water,
          a Buzzard flew high above but not for long.

          1 Buzzard
          11 Wood Pigeon
           4 Lapwing
           a few Mipits & Skylarks, Crows
           4 Pheasant
           3 Gulls