Monday, 27 April 2015

Physio Day

          Didn't get out this evening because of a physio appointment
          and then a visit to the hospital, so just garden birds seen and
          2 Kestrels and a Roe Deer in the back field, so I'm posting
          some old pics.


  1. Nice pics Dave, don,t get many Lions on Swalesmoor I bet.
    The skirt looks better on your wife than you, not the sort of thing you,d go up Soil Hill in.

  2. Definitely not a night for a kilt on Soil Hill , tonight with snow falling.
    Great pics as always Dave.

  3. I've seen 2 of em Bri, its wild up swalesmoor haha and you're right about the skirt.

    I wouldn't have the bottle to go up there in a kilt John would deffo be a chilly willy mind you I wore it at Whitby so you never know lol.