Sunday, 5 April 2015

2 Hours at Soil Hill

           Had a 2 hour jaunt around soil hill this evening but I
           think the birds had gone for a jaunt somewhere else.
           I decided to sit down for a bit as i was a bit dejected
           and then there on the top of a fence post was the what
           I'd been searching for- the most beautiful WHEATEAR
           you've ever seen sparkling in the evening sunshine, I
           was delighted but then the wife rang and woke me up
           from my daydream so back to been dejected on the walk
           back to the car.

           Soil Hill-:
                           6 Curlew
                           2 Mallard
                           2 Red Grouse
                           6 Lapwing
                           2 Pheasant
                           regular Pipits & Skylarks.
                           No Wheatear.