Monday, 27 April 2015

Physio Day

          Didn't get out this evening because of a physio appointment
          and then a visit to the hospital, so just garden birds seen and
          2 Kestrels and a Roe Deer in the back field, so I'm posting
          some old pics.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Soil Hill Evening

          Got a text from BS that a pair of Ring Ouzel were still up at
          Soil Hill but were very elusive, so watched footie and then
          decided to have a look, well them elusive Ouzel were completely
          INVISIBLE for me and it was absolutly freezing only the 3 Deer
          saved the day and they appeared form nowhere and a long way off,
          I was surprised to see 2 Mallard on the path up from the entrance
          and they were still there on the way back nr a little scrape of water,
          a Buzzard flew high above but not for long.

          1 Buzzard
          11 Wood Pigeon
           4 Lapwing
           a few Mipits & Skylarks, Crows
           4 Pheasant
           3 Gulls


Rodley Morning

               Morning visit to Rodley today but was quieter
               than usual, I got to see & hear the Cetti's Warbler
               again but no shot as its very elusive in the undergrowth,
               it's a lovely place to visit but for an over zealous member
               moaning about me being there early and then where I'd
               parked my car when I was only going to buy some fat balls
               from the reserve shop, he was beginning to do my head in
               but nice bloke in the shop told me to ignore him.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Ben Rhydding, Dowley Gap & Cromwell Bottom

              Had a bit of a tour today on my day off with the weather
              being nice, decided to start off at Ben Rhydding Nature
              Reserve thought it would be bigger but a nice place,
              1 Goosander, 3 Heron, Great & Blue Tits, 4 Tufted Duck,
               2 Song Thrush, 4 Robin, 3 Chiff Chaff but the journey
              across there brought 4 Buzzards and a Hare.
              On way back seen 3 Red Kite one getting attacked by
              lots of Lapwing, 2 Kestrels, 6 Curlew, 2 Pied Wagtail.

              Decided to stop off at Dowley Gap for a nosey and on
              canal were 4 Greylags with goslings then went down by
              the sewage works where there were 2 Oystercatchers,
              6 Dunnock, 2 Wren, 3 Pied Wagtail, then down to the
              river nr the bridge there was 1 Grey Wagtail, 1 Jay,
              3 LTT's, 2 Dunnock, 2 Blackbird, 2Wren a few Great
              & Blue Tits and a beautiful fancy Pigeon or Dove.
              Cromwell Bottom was next but decided to give bird viewing
              area a miss, 3 Goosander on river, 2 Blackcap, 4 Chiff Chaff
              and the regular birds.

              Garden had the regulars Gold, Green, & Chaffinch and the
              Swallows again and Collared Dove.

                                             Chiff Chaff
                                             Tufted Duck

                                              Red Kite being mobbed

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Brow Wood area of Shelf

            Had half hour of browsing around Brow Wood area while
            waiting to pick young un up from her mates, not many birds
            about that late in the evening, a few Blue Tits, Blackbirds &
            Chaffinch also House Sparrows and plenty of Crows & Rabbits.

            Garden had the usual Goldfinch & Chaffinch and a real beauty
            but was off before I could get the camera a Redstart, I was well
            chuffed to see it but gutted I couldn't get a pic and the 4 swallows
            were flying around again.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Garden Day Today

               Out with the kids after work doing my fatherly duties
               so I've not been out & about so just garden birds and fields
               at the back.

               10 Goldfinch
               4 Chaffinch
               2 Dunnock
               2 Greenfinch
               1 Raven flying over looking impressive
               1 Kestrel
               lots of Crows & Magpies.