Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sunday Walk

                 Cromwell Bottom today was quite busy earlier on today with a lot
                 of the regular birds visiting the viewing area even had a robin eating bread off of my hand,
                 Mike Henshaw and Steve were also down there with their camera's.

                 Cromwell Bottom-:
                 8 Bullfinch
                 2 Jays
                 2 Chaffinch
                 1 male Reed Bunting
                 3 LTT
                 5 Robins
                 4 Blackbird
                  Lots of Great, Blue and Coal Tits
                  1 Heron & 2 Cormorants flying over
                  and 6 Canada Geese.
                  1 Warbler ? 6 Dunnock

                 8 Goldfinch
                 2 Greenfinch
                 2 Dunnock
                 3 Blackbird
                 2 Collared Dove
                 Crows and Gulls Galore
                 2 Robins.

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