Friday, 27 February 2015

Quiet Day Today

             Went down to Cromwell Bottom today and then had a walk around Claremount,
             It was very quiet at both venue's-:

              10 Bullfinch
              1 Chaffinch
              2 Jay
              2 Robin
              3 LTT
              The regular crowd of the tit family but not as many today
               1 Heron building nest above car park
               4 Dunnock
               4 Blackbird
               Fox seen by the weir by a friend.


                Crows, Crows and Crows oh and Magpies.
                a few Great & Blue tits.
                1 Kestrel.


                 6 Goldfinch
                 2 Dunnock
                 2 Collared Dove
                 1 Chaffinch
                 1 Kestrel

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